Triplet Max EA

Triplet Max EA

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Content:  Expert:  Triplet_Max_V1.3.ex4 (Unlimited version) + pdf manual

This product is unlimited version and will work on as many accounts as you like.

Triplet Max

Triplet Max is another variant of EA Triplet that based on positive hedging and triangular correlation strategy.

The main strategy of this EA almost same with EA Triplet. The different is it can be used to trade one or more packet pair simultaneously on one account trading. Just attach it on one chart and choose the packet(s) that you want to trade.

There are also 10 ready-used packet pairs and 1 manual packet pair. With manual packet pair, you can use other packet pair that is not available on ready-used packets above as you want by fill them manually. Please note if you use manual packet pair, you must use symbols that have triangular correlation and please do not include prefix or suffix of symbol.

Since MetaTrader 4 strategy tester does not allow users to perform multicurrency tests, then you cannot perform backtest in the strategy tester.



  • Expert name – expert’s name.
  • Expert version – version of this EA.
  • Expert developer – developer name.
  • Expert setup – explanation to attach this EA on a chart.


  • Money management – use auto lots calculation.
  • Lot’s calculation based on – option to use calculated lots based on balance.
  • Lot for other symbol(s) – option to choose lots for other symbol, equal or proportional.
  • Risk in percentage terms – risk based on account balance to calculate lots.
  • Volume in lots if money management false – fix lots if money management is set to false.
  • Target equity in percentage money, if 0 not used – if this target reached, the EA will close all orders.
  • Minimum equity in percentage money, if 0 not used – if this target reached, the EA will close all orders.
  • Restart trade if one of Target is reached – if true, the EA will restart a trade after the target above is reached.


  • Trade pair(s) – choose how many pairs will trade in one group.
  • 01 EURUSD-GBPUSD – trade packet pair 1
  • 02 EURUSD-AUDUSD – trade packet pair 2
  • 03 EURUSD-EURJPY – trade packet pair 3
  • 04 EURJPY-EURCHF – trade packet pair 4
  • 05 EURJPY-AUDJPY – trade packet pair 5
  • 06 EURJPY-NZDJPY – trade packet pair 6
  • 07 AUDUSD-AUDJPY – trade packet pair 7
  • 08 AUDUSD-AUDNZD – trade packet pair 8
  • 09 USDCHF-USDJPY – trade packet pair 9
  • 10 GBPUSD-GBPJPY – trade packet pair 10
  • 11 Manual Packet – trade manual packet

Fill symbols for Manual Packet

  • Symbol 1 – name of symbol 1.
  • Symbol 2 – name of symbol 2.


  • Use StopLoss – if true, then StopLoss = Loss Distance.
  • Time delay after StopLoss hit in minute(s) – break trade for specific time.
  • Maximum level – maximum level to open orders if group of orders hit the loss distance.
  • Target profit/loss and trailing type – type of profit target, loss distance and trailing.
  • Target profit/loss and trailing value – value of profit target, loss distance and trailing.
  • RR ratio – Risk:Reward ratio.

Fill P/L if Target profit/loss value = Manual

  • Profit target – target profit to close last level of group.
  • Loss distance – distance of floating to open the next level.

Signal setting if Trade mode = Use Signal 1 or Use Signal 2

  • Signal value – signal value to open orders.
  • Add level although there is no signal – if true, the EA will open a new level although there is no signal.


  • Correlation value – correlation value, if 0% not set.


  • OP Symbol 3 – choose how to open 3rd symbol.


  • Time used – local or server time.
  • Start trading – time to start trading.
  • Stop trading – time to stop trading.
  • Manage orders on weekend – there are 3 options.


  • Title background color – color of title background
  • Header background color – color of header background
  • Main background color – color of main background
  • Active font color – text color of packet pair that used
  • Inactive font color – text color of packet pair that not used

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